Why mproactive?

Secure Your Network and Systems, Increase Efficiency, and Maximize Uptime

Streamline Operations with mproactive

For a small to medium sized business owner, you’re expected to do it all—improve operations, support growth, and keep the business secure. And somehow, you also have to find the time to tackle strategic IT projects while ensuring employee productivity is at its peak. Or maybe you have a friend, a family member or coworker that does the “IT stuff” on the weekends or evenings? No matter what the case may be, there comes a time when you need a partner you can trust. That’s where mproactive can help.

With mproactive’s flat-rate monthly fee, we make these tasks dramatically easier by delivering a full suite of IT service management capabilities within a single, unified solution. Our products were created based on input from our thriving global community of IT professionals over the span of the past 20 years. And with a flat-rate monthly fee, you can rest assure that you won’t be nickle and dimed to death with hourly rates. It’s peace-of-mind built-in.

In short, we give you the tools you need to drive unparalleled visibility, efficiency, and scale in your IT needs—regardless of the technology platforms you’ve invested in or the size of your company.

When you choose mproactive, you’re rewriting the rules of IT in your favor.

Boost IT Efficiency

Your business has to do more than keep the lights on—it must run efficiently to best support the bottom line. mproactive gives resource and budget constrained businesses the power to maximize efficiency and productivity with:

  • A cloud-based option that eliminates the need for on-site hardware costs
  • Advanced automation for monitoring and managing devices and for quickly fixing issues
  • Resource-efficient backups that reduce data loss in an emergency—and rapid recovery so you’re up and running quickly after a service disruption
  • Tools that fit any environment—cloud or on-premises, Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Advanced analytics to help you drive further efficiency and keep assets running smoothly for longer

The Technology You Need for Your Unique Environment

Your IT needs are too broad and varied to be addressed with a one-size-fits-all solution. But whatever your current environment, mproactive offers solutions that will fit your unique needs:

  • We use an integrated set of cross-platform IT solutions that works equally well across Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.
  • You can choose between 100% cloud-based/SaaS and on-premises remote monitoring and management deployments for maximum flexibility.
  • Continue to partner with us as your business changes size—whether your IT needs are for a small startup, a mid-size company, or a large enterprise.

We Protect Your Data and IT Assets from All Types of Threats

Despite the fact that security threats have grown costlier and more damaging, many businesses don’t invest nearly enough in protection. In a study of over 700,000 devices, we found that the average desktop/laptop presents a risk of over $40,000 in potential liability and the average server carries well over $300,000!

To keep your business protected, you need to do two important things:

  1. The Decision Makers: mproactive’s Risk Intelligence scans your systems for vulnerabilities, including sensitive data located in persistent storage, and calculates the financial impact of a potential breach. By putting risk in financial terms, you’ll be able to make intuitive decisions based on facts – not “what-ifs”.
  2. Deployed Layered Security Strategy: Once you have started with mproactive, we can help you execute a plan that protects you from all angles. mproactive gives you the tools you need to increase productivity, prevent attacks, detect threats, and restore your systems to a safe state in the event of an attack, including patch management, top-rated antivirus, web protection, email security, and backup and recovery.
We keep track of every device, workstation or server and can add new devices with a single click

mproactive enhances your IT needs by delivering a powerful suite of tools that help you secure your business and boost operational efficiency.

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