Are we a fit?

Hey there! While we’d love to work with ALL small businesses, my team and I have a wealth of experience in this industry. We’ve gained valuable insights into what makes a perfect fit – for both you and us.

Are you an SMB owner with a business that can afford at least $500 per month on IT Services and Practice Consultation? Do you have at least 2 employees and need assistance managing seats or computers? Are you open to dedicating 2% of your annual budget to an IT plan and solution?

If you meet these criteria, fantastic! Let’s have a chat about:

  1. Your biggest IT challenges as an eye care professional
  2. Your specific requirements and expectations
  3. How we can assist in your growth and profitability enhancement

I promise we’ll have an excellent and enlightening discussion. Let’s get started!

Dan DiCecca
Founder, mProactive

Why gamble with your technology investment?

“I’m exhausted by IT systems that underperform and frustrated with costly and restricted solutions that do not grow with my business. The ongoing business of providing quick fixes for long-term issues is becoming tiresome. What I truly desire is a scalable solution that eliminates IT complications. Technology should be a helpful tool, not a burden. Additionally, I am seeking a team of trustworthy experts who can guide me along the way. I’m eager to explore IT services tailored specifically for small businesses.”

Great idea! Let's work towards providing exceptional IT services specifically tailored for your independent SMB.