When someone asks what your company does, you wouldn’t say “we manage information technology,” would you? If too much of your professional time and resources are spent outside of your interest and expertise, and if IT issues distract you from growing your business, we have a suggestion.

Let us keep an eye on your IT needs!

At mProactive, we're interested in developing relationships, and not just gaining "customers."

With our expertise, we can help you streamline your business processes by introducing efficiencies which will help you save time and money - so you can focus on what really matters - your customers and driving your business. And while doing that, we can also help decrease your cost-of-goods and increase your revenue by leveraging our inside industry knowledge. From remote monitoring and management, to custom websites, SEO, PPC, geo-targeting, mobile marketing, and so much more, mProactive is your one-stop-shop for a holistic approach to your IT and Digital Marketing needs.

For well over a decade, we have been working with:

  • Medical Private Practice, such as Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Dentists, Orthodontists, and more.
  • Legal Practices
  • Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Automotive Service and Sales
  • Skilled trades, such as Plumbing, Sewer, Electrical, Concrete, Asphalt and more!

Just give us a call or email us and see what we can do for you and your business!

Our intelligent remote monitoring tools and 24/7 back-office services provide expert, cost-effective IT management to make sure your systems operate as required and deliver the ROI you expect. Key elements include:

Server Monitoring and Care

We utilize active-yet-unobtrusive software to track and analyze your server activity around the clock. Whether a system or function fails to work properly, or we detect suspicious activity or a HIPAA Compliance issue, an alert is generated and our team will immediately investigate the issue. Once we confirm the problem, we immediately take steps to fix it — remotely at first, and we escalate our response as necessary.

Desktop Monitoring and Care

Our preventive maintenance service for desktops proactively and routinely monitors and addresses common problems experienced by Optical Practices like yours. Whether it’s HIPAA Compliance, viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware or installing patches, we handle it all — quietly and in the background while your employees remain productive.

Mobile Device Management

With more businesses looking for efficient, secure ways to incorporate their employees’ personally owned mobile devices into the workplace (also known as “BYOD — bring your own device”) we offer a response that answers all your needs. Our mobile device management (MDM) solution is the fastest, most comprehensive way to get devices configured for your practice's access and to ensure that your office's data is secure on smartphones and tablets. As a fully integrated cloud platform, we simplify MDM with rapid deployment, as well as
comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents.

Network, Security and Real-Time HIPAA & PCI Compliance

How healthy is your overall network? We routinely generate reports on the overall state of your business, letting you know of any potential problems that fall outside of the safe parameters of our managed IT services and HIPAA/PCI Compliance. mProactive improves security, helps your business demonstrate compliance, and increases operational efficiencies. mProactive enables your business to be more aware of potential security risks and internal/external threats. This real-time protection helps you fulfill the required steps to investigate and mitigate security incidents and can greatly reduce your potential exposure and costs.

This is mProactive... This is peace of mind built-in.



Money Well Spent?


  • SMBs with one to 19 employees
    spent an average of $2,770 per
    employee on technology, nearly
    four times the $698 per employee
    of organizations with 500+
    employees. - ZDnet.com


  • The average SMB devotes 6.4% of
    its revenue to IT expenses, and
    80% of that is spent after the initial
    technology purchase (the break/fix


Rest Assured, We’ve Got
IT Covered


Through our managed IT
services, we will:

  • Remediate processes or services
    that fail
  • Monitor servers and ensure
    security patches and anti-virus
    protocols are up-to-date
  • Ensure that data backups are
  • Install patches and implement
    service packs
  • Ensure real-time HIPAA
    (and PCI if necessary)
  • Maintain 24/7 watch over your
    entire IT environment (network
    servers, desktops, mobile
    devices, etc.)
  • Identify and analyze serve
    “events” for potential problems


Your Full-Service IT Provider


Our managed IT services cover
a full spectrum of technology
solutions, including remote
monitoring and management of
your networks and systems, 24/7
help desk support for users, and
business continuity solutions to
ensure your company is prepared
for any possible disruption.

Let us answer any questions you may have about our services. We’ll show you the simplest, most affordable and holistic way to keep your business running efficiently and securely. Call today! (724) 261-3034

Managed Antivirus

An award leading antivirus solution by Webroot with outstanding ransomware, malware, spyware, and identity protection - that doesn’t slow your network or systems down… learn more


We take care of routine tasks so you don’t have to worry about them with our 100+ automation script library… learn more

Active Discovery

We keep track of every device, workstation and/or server and can add new devices with a single click. This reduces risk, increases compliance and weeds-out rogue devices… learn more

Mobile Device Managemet

Let us monitor, maintain and keep track of your mobile devices… learn more

Web Protection

We safeguard users from visiting malicious websites that could harm your company’s devices… learn more

Risk Intelligence

Our integrated Risk Intelligence will show you vulnerabilities and risks, and assess value in alleviating them, including issues with PCI and HIPAA… learn more

Remote Monitoring

We stay on top of your organization’s system’s health 24/7… learn more

Backup & Recovery

We backup files faster, and in the event of a disaster, we can restore systems in minutes. And all of it is encrypted using the latest encryption… learn more


We generate the reports you need for you to make better decisions… learn more

Remote Access

We solve issues faster by connecting from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, so you don’t have to wait for someone to show up in person. And you save money from on-site visits… learn more

Data Driven Insights

We leverage data-driven, actionable insights to prevent issues before they happen, such as with PCI and HIPAA… learn more

Patch Management

We keep your software up-to-date on any machine or server, such as Microsoft Windows and Office Updates, and third-party updates from over + vendors… learn more

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