mProactive – Privacy And Cookie Policy

We want to welcome you to mProactive’s Privacy and Cookie Policy (referred to herein as the “Policies” or “Policy”) Section of mProactive. All previous definitions made in the mProactive Terms and Conditions of Service, will apply to these Policies. By your continued access, use, and engagement of the Service of mProactive, made available to you on the mProactive Site, you state and declare that (i) you have read all of the sections of these Policies; (ii) you agree with these Policies and the treatment mProactive makes of any and all collected information; and (iii) that you approve of the way mProactive handles collected information.

The Policies only apply to your use of the website located at, and may not be construed to supplant any policies of third-party websites, over which mProactive has no control. Should you disagree in part or in whole with this document, please discontinue your access to the Website, and do not engage in any activity or hire any service Available on the Site.


mProactive is very serious about complying with regulations, laws, and statutes applicable to the handling of your information online and on our Websites. These Policies are intended for you to be aware of how your information is collected on the Website, and how it is stored, handled, and processed afterward. At times this collected information may identify you, but in some cases, the information collected does not reveal any personal information, and such information is not collected for identification purposes. mProactive may update this policy from time to time and shall indicate on the Website when changes have been made.


This policy applies to all information collected on the Website and any information Users provide mProactive at the time of registration or engaging any service through the mProactive Websites. Any and all collected information may include, but is not limited to: usernames, passwords, real full names, addresses, countries, states, email addresses, and phone and/or mobile numbers (we don’t need phone numbers). At some particular times, the information submitted by Users may also include texts, photographs, videos, graphics, music, and any other materials that Users may submit for any unforeseeable particular reason or purpose, for storage on the website for any particular purpose related to their activities on the Website. The Website may also collect non-identifiable information, in an automated manner, for commercial purposes.


3.1. AUTOMATIC OR AUTOMATED COLLECTION. The Website on which mProactive runs, and the Servers on which it is hosted, automatically recognize and gather all and any visitors’ domain names and IP addresses. When this occurs only statistics and other navigational information shall be collected and no users’ personal information is either collected or even revealed during automated collection. Also, the Website may gather what is called “traffic data” which is also anonymous information.

3.2. USE OF COOKIES. Cookies are pieces of information or files that are stored on the hard disk of the device or equipment from which Users access the Website. This helps mProactive to know what parts of the Website are mostly visited by registered and unregistered users, and it also statistically throws numbers that let us know how to improve a particular area of the Website. Cookies are also used by third parties authorized by us, such as Google Analytics. These services do not collect identifiable information of you through the Website, but still, mProactive recommends Users review their Terms and Conditions. YOU STATE TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE STYLEMIX WEBSITES MAKE USE OF COOKIES.

3.3. SPONSORS AND ADVERTISERS OF THE WEBSITE. From time to time, mProactive may accept sponsors and advertisers on the Website; this may imply that these advertisers and sponsors may be placed through collected information of you by search engines and other forms of information collection; also these sponsors and advertisers may be informed of tendencies and other general information of the Users segmentation; but personal identifiable information will not be shared with. mProactive may from time to time accept a sponsor or ads on the Website, and if this is the case, such advertisers may gather information related to an anonymous user clicking and navigating through the mProactive websites. However, your personal and identifiable data will never be revealed to them by mProactive.

3.4. INFORMATION ENTERED BY AFFILIATES. This information is identifiable and personal to Users, and registered by the Users themselves, whether on registration forms, contact forms, or directly on their accounts. It is a top priority of mProactive to guard and handle all this information with the uttermost care and precaution.


In short, and without getting into too much detail, the information collected by mProactive will be used:
4.1 To operate, track, and control User Accounts and to provide the Users with Programs and Materials;
4.2 To attain more information about your activities when you are engaging and working on an opted Program;
4.3 To allow Users participation in features which are interactive, made available for them on the Website;
4.4 To send you notices which are of interest and of some degree of importance to both, mProactive and the Users;
4.5 To better serve Users with our customer service;
4.6 To be able to respond to law enforcement or court inquiries, when required or obliged to by the law, or court order;
4.7 To improve the way the Website works, for Merchants and for Users;
4.8 To enhance the security of the Services, programs, and User Accounts;
4.9 To provide you with information that mProactive feels might be of interest or useful to a particular User;


mProactive takes previsions and makes an important effort in an attempt to ensure that all collected information is securely stored and treated, in accordance with what is set out in these Policies; still, despite all efforts, mProactive and all Website Users and Customers both acknowledge that the internet is not a secure place, and that it is not possible for mProactive to warrant that there will be no breach of security or attempts to access this collected information. Therefore, mProactive disclaims all liability for unintentional disclosure. (Is this ok for users?)


If a User considers that mProactive has collected untrue, partial, or inaccurate information the User may contact mProactive through the provided contact forms to request amendments, changes or to delete any such information. The user agrees to permit mProactive to process the request in a reasonable amount of time.


mProactive may from time to time make modifications, pursuant to legal changes, or for compliance with new statutes about the handling of private information. Whenever this occurs, mProactive will notify Users to their provided and registered email addresses:

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please email us at or contact us at:

P.O. Box 111
Greensburg, PA 15601

These Policies have been last modified on December 17th, 2020.