Our Holistic Approach to Managed Services and Digital Marketing

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Managed IT Services

With over 30+ years of experience, mProactive takes a holistic approach to IT Services. When you need IT services for your small to medium sized business, look to mProactive to help you maintain peak operation. We will manage all of your IT services for an easily budgeted monthly flat-rate, so you can focus your efforts where it really matters - increasing revenue and lowering costs. We take care of everything, with available real-time HIPAA and PCI compliance scanning. Let us keep an eye on your IT needs, with mProactive's managed services. We call it peace of mind built-in.

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Targeted Pay-Per-Click

We target customers within 10 miles of your business. Each business gets hundreds of targeted website visitors per month with our Google pay-per-click package. Our geo-targeted pay-per-click also allows us to exclude zip codes in which you don’t want to market.

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Social Media Marketing

Most businesses do not have the time for social media. Our team can take care of it for you. At mProactive, we make the time to research the best ways for you to connect with your community. Our team has experience running pages that are fun and attractive to customers to select you and their business of choice.

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Search Engine Optimization

We understand what terms customers search for. For example, most people think “search term [your city]” is the best SEO term, when something like “eye care consultation” or "broken pipe" will get you more customers. We rank your business for terms that get you new customers.

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Custom Websites

When was the last time you checked your website’s bounce rate?

Since 2008, mProactive has collectively generated millions of visitors to our customer's websites. We use Google analytics to analyze how customers flow when searching for a local business, which means that our websites are data designed and driven to convert visitors into customers.

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Recall Marketing

At mProactive, our team creates and sends one custom email campaign every month for your business. Even though you may have an automated recall program in place already, we find that customized email offers get a far greater response and each email campaign is data driven.

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Mobile Marketing

In 2015, Google's mobile search surpassed desktop searches for the first time. Our teams run targeted mobile click-to-call traffic so you can reach more customers searching for your business on their smartphones. We make it easy for mobile users to contact your business.

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Retargeting (Retarget Marketing)

Some website visitors might leave your site without taking action. Maybe they weren’t ready to schedule an appointment or even give you a call. To remind them, we design custom graphics (banners) and show them while they’re browsing Facebook, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and a bunch of other sites. We know the right balance of retargeting that keeps your brand fresh and consistent - without overwhelming your customer base or potential customers.

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