How Can Small to Medium Size Manufacturing Firms Get the Extra IT Help They Need?

How Can Small to Medium Size Manufacturing Firms Get the Extra IT Help They Need?

Better IT for Small to Medium Size Manufacturing Companies 


With your manufacturing company growing, increasing technology demands can overload your IT department. And when you need to implement new projects, your IT department may have to work overtime. This is not only expensive when you have to pay them for overtime, but overworked techs can make mistakes that can cost you even more. There’s a great solution to this age-old problem, and it’s simple and inexpensive to implement: Hire an outside IT person. 

Is Extra Tech Help Expensive?

Your in-house tech team usually handles day-to-day tasks like computers that crash. They work to set up new employees with all their log-in credentials. And, they can set up new workstations. This type of work goes on regularly at every manufacturing firm.

{Company} can take all those mundane chores off their plate so they can focus on more important projects.  When your in-house techs aren’t so overworked, their time is freed up so they can work on increasing efficiency for everyone. They can fix areas where work seems to get congested. This is a common problem for small manufacturing plants. Your in-house IT techs have the skills to deal with issues like this, but they often don’t have the time. When you have outsourced IT help, this problem is solved.

The team at {company} will work alongside your existing in-house IT team to get everything done each day. Your IT personnel won’t be replaced — They’ll receive the help they need so your technology doesn’t suffer.

What Benefits Will Bringing on An Outside Tech Provide?

An outside IT tech is usually well skilled and can handle a wide variety of duties. They will have a background working with all types of servers, computers, and programs. They can augment your IT staffing on many different levels to maximize your capabilities. And this solution is usually no more expensive than having your IT team work overtime. With salaries for these employees what they are, overtime pay can be hard on any budget.

An outsourced tech offers diversity and other services that are critical to your manufacturing company’s success. Organizations that grow too fast suffer by not having the resources to maintain and monitor their IT assets properly. Computers may go down with no one to fix them right away. This leaves your employees sitting around waiting all day, resulting in lost time and lost money.

How Will This Affect Cybersecurity? 

Another critical area is cybersecurity. Manufacturing firms are being hit by viruses and ransomware every day. Just one incident can trigger an investigation. The rules and procedures for handling data breaches are getting tougher. The public has demanded change in this area. And many companies are responding to these needs. But others feel that it’s too expensive to improve their cybersecurity.

When you work with an outsourced IT service company, they can assess your security protocols and make recommendations for changes. They’ll also train your staff on how to avoid being the victim of a phishing scam. If they can save your manufacturing firm from just one security breach, they’ve earned their keep. Because the latest figures show that one security breach costs around $1.3 million, and it can take months to recover from. Plus, it damages your company’s reputation.

Will Costs Be Controlled & Predictable?

Outsourcing usually comes at a set monthly rate that can be included in your budget as an operating expense. It’s a predictable monthly cost that’s affordable. If your manufacturing firm no longer needs extra IT help, then it’s easy to end the contract. If you ever need help again, you’ve got an excellent resource that can come in and lend a hand as needed.

What Other Services Can Extra IT Help Provide?

Regardless of the type of manufacturing you do, you can benefit from these and many other IT services:

  • Network monitoring & maintenance
  • Cloud resources
  • Maintenance of computers
  • Help with Microsoft Office 365
  • SQL Server help and maintenance
  • Assistance with Microsoft Exchange& SharePoint
  • Overall IT security
  • Security Training
  • Patching& Updates
  • Assessments&Audits
  • Compliance with various regulations

When you need an extra hand or two, an experienced tech from {company} can support your IT department and elevate your manufacturing business to the next level. 

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