HIPAA Compliance Scanning

Automatically included in our suite of solutions, for business owners and IT administrators in the healthcare industry, implementing HIPAA-compliant software may be a focal point. But the fact is, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance is the responsibility of both the individual and the organization. While software that includes the right kind of features can certainly help, it’s ultimately up to the manner in which that software is used in order to remain in compliance with HIPAA.

When searching for software that will help you remain HIPAA compliant, there are a few things you should look for.

Software Features for HIPAA Compliance

A breach of HIPAA regulations is defined as “an impermissible use or disclosure under the Privacy Rule that compromises the security or privacy of the protected health information.”Basically, if you’re storing, managing or sharing healthcare patient information and your security is compromised in any way, there’s a good chance you’ll be in violation of HIPAA.To best protect yourself, the patient and your business, look for these features in a software program.

Healthcare information should be protected by private key encryption to ensure only the client has access to the data once backed up. Healthcare data needs strong encryption measures, at least AES 128-bit, while it is in transit and at rest.

It’s important for software to use datacenters that are either SSAE compliant or ISO certified and that uptime is as close to 100 percent as possible. You’ll also want to make sure these datacenters implement 24/7 physical security.

Disaster recovery
The disaster recovery protocol of your software should be continuous and include the ability to perform bare metal restorations, restorations to virtual servers and produce standby images.

Receiving email notifications providing a status report of each storing or sharing task can go a long way toward remaining HIPAA compliant.

File history
File versioning and data archiving are two important features to track and store data in a way that will improve your HIPAA compliance.

Local backup storage
Software that includes a local backup option in addition to cloud use can help you back up data even when no Internet connection is available.

Our Suite of Solutions

Thanks to our advanced security measures, many businesses and doctor’s offices rely on mproactive to aid in HIPAA compliance. Sign up for a free trial to see just how much easier HIPAA compliance can be with the right software at hand.


U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/breach-notification/index.html

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HIPAA Compliance Scanning
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