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We Give You Actionable Insights Based on Analyzing Thousands of Endpoints in Real-Time


What would happen if the decisions you made for your IT environment were based on the real-time analysis of over 5,000,000 endpoints across 400,000 networks? What if you received advice based on this intelligence and also received updates on emerging issues and threats? mproactive does all this and more. Using the power of collective intelligence and machine learning, mproactive gives you actionable, data-driven insights to help you prevent issues and improve your IT environment. It’s like having a data science team on staff working around the clock to help you make smarter decisions.


Three Layers of Analytics


  • Descriptive analytics: mproactive will alert you to key issues in your current setup—from incomplete software installs to systems missing antivirus protection.
  • Predictive analytics: mproactive will help you forecast potential problems. For example, we’re alerted about patch updates that have caused failures for other IT professionals so we can wait to push the patch, such as a Windows Update.
  • Prescriptive analytics: mproactive has data-driven advice on how to prevent issues well before they occur. For example, we’ll point out features that help you conserve bandwidth.


Actionable Insights across Categories


  • Security insights: We’re automatically notified about potential security risks like software missing critical security patches or endpoints missing antivirus protection.
  • Efficiency insights: We make suggestions on how to make your team more efficient with notifications about assets that have a lot of issues or users who take up a lot of time.
  • Collective intelligence insights: Find out where you and your network  stand compared to your peers across the IT industry.


Smart Enough to Adapt to You


  • Relevant suggestions: mproactive uses machine learning to discover which types of recommendations are preferred.
  • New insights: Our data science team constantly develops new insights so we have the latest suggestions based on collective intelligence.