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We Discover and Manage Devices as They Come on Your Networks


mproactive’s Active Discovery provides a broad view of all devices connected to your network. New devices are continually being added to your network, some of which you yourself may not even be aware of. mproactive’s Active Discovery helps to ensure that any new device on your network can be found and properly managed before it becomes an issue. Not only does this allow for better security and oversight, it helps to make sure you’ve accounted for all of the devices on your network for security and safety.



  • Device discovery: mproactive monitors all of your networks and automatically searches for and discovers new devices.
  • Details: mproactive discovers and categorizes the devices connected to your network and obtain details such as MAC address, IP, operating system, version, and hostname.
  • Active Directory monitoring: mproactive also monitors Active Directory, so we can handle issues in any Windows network before they cause greater problems.
  • Connection logs: mproactive sees when devices appear online and when they disconnect from the network.
  • Additional security: mproactive prevents exposure to unmanaged devices, such as personal devices, that might compromise your network. This keeps your users more secure and allows you to better enforce your “bring-your-own-device” policies.